Monday, February 3, 2020

Fall in Love Again this Valentine’s Day– Visit Martin House on Nantucket Island!

Valentine’s Day is not about flowers and heart-shaped pendants, chocolates or expensive gifts, but rather it is a day to celebrate love, in all of its iterations.  Love for self, first and foremost.  Romantic love that makes your heart beat faster, love of nature’s daily offerings, love of friends who make you laugh until your belly hurts, love of family that loves you unconditionally, and the innocent devotion of a pet that makes your heart expand in wonder.  Valentine’s Day is about gratitude.  What better place to honor all the love in your heart than at the most romantic inn on Nantucket-the Martin House Inn!  And what better time than February, when the pace of life slows down, the cobblestone streets glisten in the quiet of the early hours, the restaurants are warm and inviting with seasonal offerings, the stores feature unexpected sales that make spirits soar, and you can walk from Steps Beach to Brant Point and see unparalled beauty but not see another human.   In our quiet season, there is opportunity to explore the oceans and paths and trails and to imagine this enchanting island as it was hundreds of years ago.  There is opportunity to step back in time, to a simpler era, to reconnect to yourself, and to whoever you chose to share Valentine’s weekend with.   

Martin House Inn is a short walk to downtown and the ferries.  Restaurants,shops and boutiques are open, and ready to welcome you with their myriad of culinary delights and beautiful treasures.  Come stroll our charming cobblestone streets, hike the many vistas of preserved open land trails, or visit the many beaches to collect winter sea glass and shells, to take home as a romantic reminder of your stay.   You may even choose to:

  •        Rent a Jeep or take a tour or hop on a bus operated by the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority to visit the outskirts of town;
  •        View the beautiful lighthouses that bring ships safely to port;
  •        Sign up for the Nantucket Culinary Cooking Demo + Dinner;
  •        Treat yourself to a yoga class, a restorative massage, a soothing facial or a mani pedi;
  •        Head out to a tour and tastings at Cisco Brewers, Triple Eight Distillery and Nantucket Vineyard, and enjoy some live music while you are there;
  •        Weather permitting, bike out to Bartlett’s Farm – Nantucket’s original source for farm fresh goodness; 
  •        Drop by the historic Whaling Museum.  With over a thousand works of art, artifacts and treasures on display, it tells the Island’s fascinating stories over 4 centuries,
  •        Enjoy a movie at the Dreamland or an evening of laughter at the White Heron, featuring the Nantucket Comedy Festival’s Stand-Up and Learn Program, or both! 

Van Goh could have been speaking of Nantucket when he said, “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere".  Everything is beautiful when seen through loving eyes.  Look in the mirror, at a loved one, at nature, at life; fall in love again this Valentine’s Day!

For 15% discount on reservation, please call and mention the code “LOVE”.

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

There is something about the island of Nantucket that steals ones heart and beckons one back, again and again.  It gets under your skin, into your very soul.  For the second time in my life, I have chosen to make the island, and more specifically the Martin House Inn, my home.  The first time, nearly 25 years ago, and with no experience beyond my mother having taught us a fierce hospital corner and how to clean a house top-to-bottom, I was offered the position of innkeeper. 

When I first arrived, car packed to the gills and cat in carrier, I had a comforting sense that I had somehow belonged here all along.  Times have of course changed.  We have the World Wide Web now.  Back then, reservations were on 11x17 paper charts – with #2 pencil as you might need to revise them. This meant any trip away from the inn meant taking those charts and pencils and something to secure them from high winds, and a mobile phone that could easily have doubled as a doorstop. The big debate had become should Cat5 internet ports (no Wi-Fi at that point in time) be added to the inns. Would people want to be working while on vacation or rather be out sitting on a beach or riding their bikes island-wide?  As it turned out, they wanted the option of both.  We now have Wi-Fi, cable TV, the ability to take reservations not only on our PC’s but on portable devices -- tablets, and on phones with a thickness of 0.4 inches.  The inn now too features a secluded patio and gardens with fountain and fire pit, outdoor shower, monogrammed robes, a roof walk with panoramic harbor and town views, and so much more.  Wonderful improvements to an already lovely locale.

Twenty-five years later, I found myself drawn to the Martin House Inn and to Nantucket, and once again I think that returning as the innkeeper is one of the best moves I have made.  The inn truly feels like home, as it did then, and I cannot imagine a better place to be.  

The best part, though, is in meeting our guests who visit from all over the world.  Hosting you is truly a gift I cherish each day.   It is my great joy that you, in turn, experience not  only the camaraderie of meeting new friends over breakfast; exploring the island and learning of its history; visiting its windswept beaches and frolicking in its restorative salt waters; and enjoying the myriad of wonderful shops, restaurants, museums and theatres that Nantucket has to offer; but that you also have an opportunity to step back in time, to slow down, and to truly relax.  No matter the season (or the weather) – there is always an adventure to be had here.  Even if it is curling up with a good read, a coffee, and a homemade brownie!  

I am overjoyed to again be a part of a team that puts so much care into making each guest’s visit the best that it can be.  To us,  you are all family, and we want you to feel that the Martin House is your home away from home and to leave each time with memories of Nantucket that will last a lifetime and with plans to return.  I am thrilled to be back and look forward to the opportunity to host all of you.  Come home to the Martin House Inn in the “Heart of the Sea”! 

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea.
–e.e. cummings

Friday, December 6, 2019

Welcome our New Innkeeper - Claire Theriault

Nantucket is never far away

Please join the Martin House family in wishing Tiffany all the best this world offers as she returns to the west coast. As those of you who visited during our 2019 season know, Tiffany’s light and joy lit and warmed the inn as well as our hearts. Our lives were enriched by her beautiful spirit and smile, her calm energy and kind humor. She will be missed, but her indomitable spirit will always be a part of the rich tapestry of our historic inn.  Bittersweet is the adjective that comes to mind as we wish her Godspeed, success and continued joy.  

 We are delighted to welcome Claire Theriault back to the Martin House Inn, after more than two decades away.  She returns, invigorated, with a huge heart and sweet smile, a genuine love for people and for the Martin House, and all the skill sets necessary to make your stay exceptional.  Her warm welcome will make you feel you’ve come home. Your warm welcome will make her know she has. 

Welcome Claire!

A Message from Tiffany 

To all the guests of Martin House Inn,

It is with a bittersweet heart that I offer my farewell to you all. I am returning to California to embark on independent business endeavors. I am thrilled for the life that awaits me. Still, it is with a great heaviness that I leave Martin House Inn.

Lisa, the owner of Martin House, is the most gracious, generous and thoughtful person anyone could hope to work for. I have learned so much under her mentorship.  I’m confident that my friendship with her will be lifelong. Likewise, my love and appreciation for Sari, the head housekeeper of Martin House, has affected my life in the most profound manner.  Her great will, drive, and compassionate spirit has made me appreciate more the divine nature of every day and the blessing of every breath.

 Indeed, I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have been the face of Martin House Inn.  It has afforded me the greatest gift of all, the opportunity to cross paths with so many wonderful people and I will cherish the many memories that were forged here. To the many fine guests I have encountered in my time here, I site Dorothy as she said to the Scarecrow upon her departure from Oz, “I think I’ll miss you most of all.”

Certainly, I was blessed to meet the most remarkable and fascinating people. I am confident that all will empathize with my sentiment however that “There’s no place like home.”  Now as I make my departure, join me in welcoming our new wonderfully effervescent innkeeper, Claire Theriault.  Her dedicated spirit will ensure you experience a one of a kind stay with her signature scones, savory breads and best of all, her warm smile. I know that Martin House Inn has an even more glorious future in her capable hands.

With love,

Tiffany Fernandez

Cheers to Martin House Inn

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Martin House is Dreaming of Christmas Stroll

At Martin House Inn we celebrate the kick-off to the holiday season with the annual celebration of Christmas Stroll.  This year it is held from December 5th-8th and is sure to get one in the spirit of the season. After all, where else can you holiday shop, sip mulled wine with cookies, hear Dickensian carolers and ride in a horse-drawn carriage? Main Street, of course!

Snap a picture of Brant Point Lighthouse all decked in holiday décor if you arrive on the ferry.  Also, be sure to throw those pennies overboard to ensure a return visit to the island!

While on Main Street you can peruse quaint shops and even participate in a silent art action if you are in the market for a locally inspired gift.  Save your shopping for this event!

Let's not forget the magical trees that line the street the day after Thanksgiving and the crème de la crème 20-foot tree at the top of Main Street decorated by one lucky local artist.
The Festival of Trees at the Whaling Museum is not to be missed with over 80 trees decorated by local businesses.  It's truly a winter wonderland and marshmallow world!

What about Santa, you say?  Well, he doesn't arrive by sleigh in Nantucket.  He arrives by boat at the wharf!  He and Mrs. Claus are welcomed by the Town Crier and children sit on his lap at the Jared Coffin House just down the street. Picture perfect!

So, join Martin House Inn as we ring in the holidays with Christmas Stroll.

 Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Farewell Indian Summer in Nantucket

Click below to listen to 

Summer, you old Indian Summer
You're the tear that comes after June time's laughter
You see so many dreams that don't come true
Dreams we fashioned when summertime was new
You are here to watch over
Some heart that is broken
By a word that somebody left unspoken
You're the ghost of a romance in June
Going astray, fading too soon
That's why I say,
Farewell to you, Indian Summer!
Enjoy the stunning memories of another enchanting summer come and gone. 
Martin House Inn now embraces the autumnal gold of a warm sun with fresh air but not yet the chill.  Welcome bountiful, beautiful autumn in Nantucket!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Stunning Siasconset-Escape to the East Side

Bluff Walk

Running along Milestone Road, one heads east toward Siasconset.  Siasconset was developed in the late 1800's to be a beach resort town.  Many famous actors of that time visited 'Sconset (the local's name for the town) including Henry David Thoreau in 1854. On the Milestone Bike Path is the site known as the "Serengeti".  It has a landscape of mixed vegetation of about 400 acres and is conservation land.  It resembles the African Serengeti and even has animal cut outs set up to make visitors laugh. To ride from town into 'Sconset is about 6 miles one way.  One will also pass the large cranberry bog and see in the distance Sankaty Head Lighthouse.

'Sconset Beach

Many visitors flock to 'Sconset Beach on the eastern tip to see the sunrise and to see the 'Sconset Footbridge, a ninety-foot wooden bridge built in 1873.  The view of the beach from the bridge is worth the trip alone.

Center of 'Sconset

Most however come to see the 'Sconset Bluff Walk, a scenic walk past the backyards of the homes on the left and the ocean below off the bluff to the right. In the summer when the flowers and roses are in bloom, it is a gem not to be missed.

Oldest 'Sconset Cottage

Finally the Sankaty Head Lighthouse built in 1850, which from the Wampanoag word means "Cool Hill", has a red and white stripe and nestles along the Sankaty Head Golf Course.

Siasconset is a charming town not to be missed in the summer.  It's a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Sankaty Head Lighthouse

Friday, June 14, 2019

Surfside-Yesterday and Today

Surfside is a popular beach destination on the southern end of Nantucket close to the airport.
Its popularity is due in part to its close proximity to town and the ease of a bike ride with a sandwich, blanket, and a fun Nantucket read.

The cascading wisp of pines at Surfside

It was once the hope of investors to become a prosperous beachfront community with access by train in the late 1800's including a boardwalk hotel and fine dining. Storms dashed those dreams as waves destroyed and washed away part of the hotel and railroad tracks.  The instability of the weather and erosion scared many investors away from purchasing summer homes and the plan eventually failed.

Star of the Sea Youth Hostel

The location of the island's first Life Saving Station was built in 1874 and is today a youth hostel offering semi-affordable accommodations to visitors of Nantucket.  

Picture Perfect Surfside Beach

So, grab your flip flops and take in the vast open sky at Surfside.  Did I just hear the sound of an old train whistle or was it the crashing of the waves?

Upcoming Events:

Film Festival June 19-24th

July 4th Celebration July 4-5th