Monday, February 8, 2021


February Can Be Fabulous

During the endless days of 2020, I learned patience and I practiced gratitude.  I learned that my family and friends and I were among the lucky ones during the proliferation of the pandemic- we had food and shelter and some degree of financial security.  I learned how little I really needed.  I learned an entirely new appreciation for our resilient family of friends and guests.  I call my lessons from 2020 “2020 Vision” and I am a better human with my 2020 vision.  My perspective has changed; my empathy for those less fortunate increased. 

 So with the benefit of 2020 Vision, I know without a doubt that February of 2021 breezed into Nantucket bearing gifts!  While a nor’easter hit the coast, piling multiple mounds of snow over a 2-day blizzard,  Nantucket was spared shoveling as our precipitation came only in the form of rain.  High winds shut ferries down.  Those wishing to come to the island were unable to, and those who thought they were heading home had a swift change of plans.  The Grey Lady and Mother Nature often conspire in this fashion, thick as thieves they can be.  Known  on average for balmier winter temps (39+), low precipitation (1.22”), and low winds (12mph), Nantucket’s weather is  one of the challenges (some say joy) of island-life, and it is magical.   It has taken many years, but finally, I learned in 2020 to embrace the weather offered us; to accept the things I cannot change, to savor the freedom of letting go.  And to enjoy all that February offers - the slowing down, the lengthening days, the beautiful light that makes a bad photograph virtually impossible to take.

Did you know that the month of February has nearly 230 holidays in its 28 days?  In the past, the shortest month of the year has been my longest, but not so in 2021.  A tradition since 1886 and a February event that continues to this day that most everyone is familiar with is Groundhog Day.  Punxsutawney Phil, the famed groundhog, came out of his snug winter abode this year and saw his shadow, portending six more weeks of winter, and sure enough, many snow storms are predicted for this month.  Nantucket had its own nautical version, Quahog Day, bought to the isle in 1982 by former harbormaster Allen Holdgate, Sr. and H. Flint Ranney.  Quentin the Quahog predicted the timing of winter’s end not by shadow, but rather by spitting his juice to the left this year, echoing Phil’s prediction of six more weeks of winter.  In true New England practicality, unlike Punxsutawney Phil who continues his celebrity from year to year, once Quentin’s services are completed he becomes a snack!!

Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated of February’s events.   Long known for flowers, chocolates and romantic excursions, it too offers a break from the long winter and a weekend to look forward to as the days lengthen.  Here at Martin House Inn, we offer an array of rooms with fireplaces and  canopy beds to sink into and cozy up with your sweetheart  after a day hiking our many trails, combing our endless beaches, strolling the Town’s historic streets on your self-guided walking tour, or simply relaxing in in front of a crackling fire.  The Artist’s Association will be featuring its Valentine’s Work Online exhibition through Saturday, February 13th, a perfect opportunity to bring a piece of Nantucket home and to offer your mate a memorable Valentine’s gift.  

The historic Whaling Museum reopens February 12th.   It is an outstanding way to learn of Nantucket’s fascinating history from the Whaling days to the Great Fire.   And the magnificent Festival of Trees will be on display through President’s Day.  And don’t forget to climb to the roof deck for a spectacular view of the island and harbor (and the Martin House Inn)!


Call and book between now and February 10th your next stay and enjoy a 15% discount (not to be combined with other offers).   A Nantucket escape will soothe your soul!


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