Sunday, March 1, 2020

Celebrate the beauty and serenity of March in Nantucket!

(And use the 25% you save on your room rate to pamper yourself!)

It has been said that one of the best times to visit Nantucket is during the shoulder months of March, April, September and October.  In the pre and early spring, the island glows with a tranquil beauty, a walk on our cobbled streets may lead you to unexpected retail treasures, and you may feel as though you have stepped back in time to a haven where lines at restaurants, museums and movies are nonexistent and where you can quietly read a novel or the newspaper in one of our quaint coffee shops or the wonderful Nantucket Athenaeum.  There is no shortage of natural beauty, historical sites, restorative activities or fine food.  Paris has nothing on Nantucket in the spring!  Why not treat yourself to a relaxing, restorative stay at Martin House Inn  and feel your spirits soar as the temperatures rise, the buds of hyacinths peek out of the earth, the waves caress our quiet shores, and the island welcomes you and spring?


Nantucket Conservation offers an array of hiking trails. Observe and marvel at variety of habitats native to Nantucket -- barrier beaches and dunes that shelter the island from the open waters of Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.  Gaze at the myriad of colors found within the salt marshes many plant species and perennial grasses.  Look for white-tailed deer and black-crowned night herons, snowy owls, ospreys, hooded mergansers, buffleheads, Canada geese, mallards and many other species of birds along the ponds and bogs.  Nantucket is one of the last remaining sites of grasslands and heathlands.   Visit the famed Nantucket cranberry bogs – a glorious 234 acres of trails off Milestone Road.  View the panorama of Nantucket’s Serengeti.  The sandplain grasslands found on the southern side of the island are not unlike prairies found in the Midwest.  Coastal heathlands – known locally as “moors” – contain black huckleberry, lowbush blueberry, bayberry and pasture rose. Visitors dating back to the 1700’s found the island to be nearly treeless.  While hardwood forest areas remain relatively rare, they do exist in limited areas, most notably in our verdant Hidden Forest. The early 1900’s, following the elimination of livestock grazing, brought the gradual return of tall shrubs.  

For those of you who prefer to pamper yourself, book a spa treatment or massage, a manicure or a pedicure.  Lavender Farm Wellness offers deep-tissue massage, Cranial Sacral therapy and Zen Body (Rolfing).  Darya’s Salon + Spa offers a vast array of pampering treatments, and you always emerge feeling younger and more beautiful than you felt upon entry.  Brooke Tejada Restorative Bodywork offers wonderful massages, biofrequency therapy, and a soothing “feet treat” option.  Monarch Face & Body provides facials, massage, reiki and reflexology.  Visit the Graceline Institute for meditation, yoga and sculpting, Tai Chi, spiropathix sound and whaling, a cleanse, and the restorative effects of a half hour in its far infrared sauna and magnesium chamber where you immerse yourself in its many health benefits (including improved circulation and heart function, stress reduction, and skin rejuvenation). Take a Pilates or Melt class with Lisalates or a restorative or flow yoga class at the Yoga Room or Supta Yoga

Following your day of adventures, return to the Inn for a sweet treat and hot cup of tea.  Or perhaps enjoy a complimentary cordial, and relax while perusing your dinner options!

There are many decadent and delightful restaurants on Nantucket, from the more formal venues to the casual pubs.  Most are within walking distance.  Queequegs’ cozy and intimate dining room is the perfect backdrop for its eclectic American Cuisine that employs fresh seasonal ingredients.  Dune has three distinct dining rooms that combine ‘a blend of sophisticated elegance and soothing comfort’.  Its menu is ever changing and features some of the finest local produce, fish, and meats from regional farms.  The meals tantalize your senses of taste, touch, and sight and the desserts can only be described as decadent!  Town offers dining that is both inspired and playful, combining sumptuous flavors and Asian, Indian and mouth-watering entrees that span the seafood (including Sushi), steak, and chicken varieties – there is something for everyone.  For a more casual but cozy environment, saunter around the corner to Brotherhood of Thieves. Whether you order the lobster bisque, burger or seafood linguini, you will not be disappointed.  The Charlie Noble is also a great place to kick back and enjoy the local’s scene.  The ambiance may be simple but the meals are not.  From the all-day raw bar and house made Chorizo Stuffies to the local Bluefish pate and tacos, the lobster quesadilla and
the chicken wings, The Charlie Noble will not disappoint.

At the end of each day, melt into the warmth and comfort of our beds and many pillows, perhaps build a fire and snuggle with someone you love, or laugh sharing stories with your best friend until you can no longer keep your eyes open.  Wake refreshed to the aroma of home-made scones and rich coffee.  And feel the resurgence of energy and hope that spring embodies.  We promise, you will go home with spring in your steps!

Monday, February 3, 2020

Fall in Love Again this Valentine’s Day– Visit Martin House on Nantucket Island!

Valentine’s Day is not about flowers and heart-shaped pendants, chocolates or expensive gifts, but rather it is a day to celebrate love, in all of its iterations.  Love for self, first and foremost.  Romantic love that makes your heart beat faster, love of nature’s daily offerings, love of friends who make you laugh until your belly hurts, love of family that loves you unconditionally, and the innocent devotion of a pet that makes your heart expand in wonder.  Valentine’s Day is about gratitude.  What better place to honor all the love in your heart than at the most romantic inn on Nantucket-the Martin House Inn!  And what better time than February, when the pace of life slows down, the cobblestone streets glisten in the quiet of the early hours, the restaurants are warm and inviting with seasonal offerings, the stores feature unexpected sales that make spirits soar, and you can walk from Steps Beach to Brant Point and see unparalled beauty but not see another human.   In our quiet season, there is opportunity to explore the oceans and paths and trails and to imagine this enchanting island as it was hundreds of years ago.  There is opportunity to step back in time, to a simpler era, to reconnect to yourself, and to whoever you chose to share Valentine’s weekend with.   

Martin House Inn is a short walk to downtown and the ferries.  Restaurants,shops and boutiques are open, and ready to welcome you with their myriad of culinary delights and beautiful treasures.  Come stroll our charming cobblestone streets, hike the many vistas of preserved open land trails, or visit the many beaches to collect winter sea glass and shells, to take home as a romantic reminder of your stay.   You may even choose to:

  •        Rent a Jeep or take a tour or hop on a bus operated by the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority to visit the outskirts of town;
  •        View the beautiful lighthouses that bring ships safely to port;
  •        Sign up for the Nantucket Culinary Cooking Demo + Dinner;
  •        Treat yourself to a yoga class, a restorative massage, a soothing facial or a mani pedi;
  •        Head out to a tour and tastings at Cisco Brewers, Triple Eight Distillery and Nantucket Vineyard, and enjoy some live music while you are there;
  •        Weather permitting, bike out to Bartlett’s Farm – Nantucket’s original source for farm fresh goodness; 
  •        Drop by the historic Whaling Museum.  With over a thousand works of art, artifacts and treasures on display, it tells the Island’s fascinating stories over 4 centuries,
  •        Enjoy a movie at the Dreamland or an evening of laughter at the White Heron, featuring the Nantucket Comedy Festival’s Stand-Up and Learn Program, or both! 

Van Goh could have been speaking of Nantucket when he said, “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere".  Everything is beautiful when seen through loving eyes.  Look in the mirror, at a loved one, at nature, at life; fall in love again this Valentine’s Day!

For 15% discount on reservation, please call and mention the code “LOVE”.

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

There is something about the island of Nantucket that steals ones heart and beckons one back, again and again.  It gets under your skin, into your very soul.  For the second time in my life, I have chosen to make the island, and more specifically the Martin House Inn, my home.  The first time, nearly 25 years ago, and with no experience beyond my mother having taught us a fierce hospital corner and how to clean a house top-to-bottom, I was offered the position of innkeeper. 

When I first arrived, car packed to the gills and cat in carrier, I had a comforting sense that I had somehow belonged here all along.  Times have of course changed.  We have the World Wide Web now.  Back then, reservations were on 11x17 paper charts – with #2 pencil as you might need to revise them. This meant any trip away from the inn meant taking those charts and pencils and something to secure them from high winds, and a mobile phone that could easily have doubled as a doorstop. The big debate had become should Cat5 internet ports (no Wi-Fi at that point in time) be added to the inns. Would people want to be working while on vacation or rather be out sitting on a beach or riding their bikes island-wide?  As it turned out, they wanted the option of both.  We now have Wi-Fi, cable TV, the ability to take reservations not only on our PC’s but on portable devices -- tablets, and on phones with a thickness of 0.4 inches.  The inn now too features a secluded patio and gardens with fountain and fire pit, outdoor shower, monogrammed robes, a roof walk with panoramic harbor and town views, and so much more.  Wonderful improvements to an already lovely locale.

Twenty-five years later, I found myself drawn to the Martin House Inn and to Nantucket, and once again I think that returning as the innkeeper is one of the best moves I have made.  The inn truly feels like home, as it did then, and I cannot imagine a better place to be.  

The best part, though, is in meeting our guests who visit from all over the world.  Hosting you is truly a gift I cherish each day.   It is my great joy that you, in turn, experience not  only the camaraderie of meeting new friends over breakfast; exploring the island and learning of its history; visiting its windswept beaches and frolicking in its restorative salt waters; and enjoying the myriad of wonderful shops, restaurants, museums and theatres that Nantucket has to offer; but that you also have an opportunity to step back in time, to slow down, and to truly relax.  No matter the season (or the weather) – there is always an adventure to be had here.  Even if it is curling up with a good read, a coffee, and a homemade brownie!  

I am overjoyed to again be a part of a team that puts so much care into making each guest’s visit the best that it can be.  To us,  you are all family, and we want you to feel that the Martin House is your home away from home and to leave each time with memories of Nantucket that will last a lifetime and with plans to return.  I am thrilled to be back and look forward to the opportunity to host all of you.  Come home to the Martin House Inn in the “Heart of the Sea”! 

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea.
–e.e. cummings