Thursday, May 23, 2019

Majestic Madaket

Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited by a long time Nantucket resident to take a personalized driving tour of the island. One may think that because Nantucket is such a small location that all can be discovered in one trip.  Not so!
I took a deep breath to slow down and fully experience the many natural wonders of my new island home. I share with you Madaket, the western tip location of Nantucket. It is a perfect spot for self reflection or fun with family and friends.

The Gut
Madaket Road
This is a very peaceful scenic turnoff, separating Long Pond from the North Head of Long Pond.  One can throw in a fishing line and take a small non-motorized boat in the water.  You will find this dirt turn-off on the way to Madaket beach either by bike or car.

Majestic Madaket Beach

At the end of Madaket Road is its vast and beaconing beach.  It has limited public parking, but if you have an off-road vehicle, there is room along the sand.  The name "Madaket" is possibly related to the Algonquin words meaning "land without wood."  Gorgeous sunsets and surfing are always a guarantee.

Millie's Restaurant
Millie's Restaurant and Millie's Market offer something for everyone.  From coastal cuisine to ice cream from the market window, this location is a must stop for visitors and locals alike.
Named after native Millie Jewett, she was a local legend who spent her time caring for the beaches, animals, and residents of Madaket.  Always on the lookout for shipwrecks, she earned the highest civilian rank from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Madaket Millie

Millie's Bridge and Hither Creek are the entrance to Smith's Point Beach, an-out-of-the-way hidden gem. The bridge was named after Madaket Millie. She sold ice cream ice cream from her yard and greeted visitors, which was located on Hither Creek. The creek is a famous spot for watching egrets.
Smith's Point is named after one of the early Smith settlers on Nantucket.

Hither Creek

These are just some of the sights and discoveries of majestic Madaket.  Our next location will be Surfside and beyond.

"Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets."

Upcoming Events

Restaurant Week-June 3rd-9th
Book Festival June 14th-16th
Film Festival June 19th-24th

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