Friday, May 1, 2020

Some people say that the daffodil is the harbinger of springtime.  Shaped like a trumpet, it announces to the other plants and flowers that spring has arrived!

This year’s vernal equinox marked the beginning of the earliest spring in the United States in the past 124 years, and also the most unusual spring in our lifetimes. On March 20th, the sun appeared to rise exactly east and to set exactly west in Nantucket, and night and day were equal. Since then, the days have grown longer, the sun has glowed brighter (between the showers that April brought), the birds have sung louder and the earth busied itself nurturing glorious new life. As we enter May more secluded than all of the previous Mays I have known, I have become acutely aware of the rebirth that spring embodies. The early morning wake up calls of the beautiful cardinals, chickadees, and red breasted robins start each lengthening day off with the purest of songs. Each sunrise is a new beginning. Each bud a miracle, each flower a gift. Rain or shine, the offerings of a spring day provide a wonderful reminder of all the hopefulness and beauty that exists in our world and on our island 26 miles out to sea. And each signifies a healing and new beginning.

As some of you may know this past weekend would have been Nantucket’s 46th annual Chamber of Commerce Daffodil Festival. Due to the current COVID situation, the regular Daffodil festivities were postponed.  That didn’t stop the spirit of Nantucketers though! 

Beginning Friday, April 24, Nantucket kicked off the iconic rite of spring weekend with a virtual Flower Power Party via @ACKHistory Instagram live and on 97.7 ACK FM radio. In the true spirit of our wonderful community, and to honor past tradition, a group of individuals decorated  a parade of cars and drove them out to ‘Sconset.  Some folks parked and enjoyed picnics in the ‘Sconset sunlight, complete with gentle ocean breezes, while socially distancing, of course.   

Courtesy NISHA

On Facebook, #dailydaffodil had members posting photos of daffodils every day in the month of April for folks far and wide to enjoy.  The Chamber set up on Instagram the hashtag #ACKDaffy, and tag @ACKChamber.  People posted photos of the event from past years. Many held picnics in their yards, decorated hats with glorious, imaginative designs.  The NISHA Daffy Dog Parade even went ahead virtually with pets sporting their best daffy attire.

Every week from April 9-April 30, The Inquirer and Mirror ran a Virtual Daffodil festival, featuring stories of the history of the festival, of how to hold your own backyard daffodil picnic (with recipes by Sarah Chase), and of how to pick, preserve and place your own daffodils in a beautiful arrangement.  And between the local news and the miracle of social media, everyone world-wide was able to partake in the ebullient spirit of this beloved event that has for almost 50 years marked the real start our island season.

Although we were not able to share all the Daffy-delights  with you in person,  it is heartwarming to watch the  island awaken and the people who love Nantucket come together in person and virtually,  with spirits uplifted, to celebrate life, friendship, nature and springtime.  While we are facing an unknown, we find our joy where we can, and there is a spring in our step as we honor our traditions.  

Seneca said that “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  We look forward to a sweet, post-COVID era when it is once again safe to welcome you to our shores and through our doors.  You are the reason we became innkeepers.  We enjoy your company, your stories, your ability to lift our hearts just by being here.  Until we meet in person again, we will continue to reach out to you virtually, to remind you of the beauty that is Nantucket, and that you are a major part of what makes it a place to love!

Be well, stay safe, stay in touch (albeit from a distance), and Happy Mother's Day!

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